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Gardening and Landscaping

Gardening and Landscaping was originally a small business created to help aging neighbors maintain their homes and gardens.

Since then, NC has grown to encompass a huge network of top notch gardeners and landscapers across the city. Services range from simple grass cutting to full-scale landscape and water feature design and implementation. Hopefully after seeing our work you’ll let us take NC care of your yard too!

About T·O·T·A·L Landscaping

Started in 2005 by a father & son team, Total Landscaping was originally a small business created to help aging neighbors maintain their homes and gardens.

Since then, TOTAL has grown to encompass a huge network of top notch gardeners and landscapers across the city. Services range from simple grass cutting to full-scale landscape and water feature design and implementation. Hopefully after seeing our work you’ll let us take TOTAL care of your yard too!

Completely Custom Work

Have a dream? We’d love to make it come true. We’ve created tons of one of a kind yards including Hobbit holes, play grounds, hedge mazes, rose gardens, water parks, sustainable landscaping, tulip fields and so much more. And we’d love your ideas to become our next custom project.

To schedule a custom landscaping appointment simply contact us at our office via telephone or use the contact form below. We can do anything – so don’t hesitate to ask!

Standard Rates

Interested in regular gardening services? Here are our standard offerings and rates.


Weekly Service
Lawn Mowing
Hedge Trimming
Light Weeding


Monthly Service
Hedge Trimming
Deep Weeding
Organic Fertilizer


Quarterly Service
Seasonal Prep & Care
Tree & Hedge Shaping
Lawn Reseeding

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8 Health benefits of cannabis oil

8 Health benefits of cannabis oil

Cannabis oil has been in use for many years. Even though there are various debates concerning the products, the oil has become popular and famous all over the world. Though it is unusual oil due to the plant it is derived from, it is considered as the most active oil for various functions. Apart from medical uses, cannabis oil is found soaps, perfumes, gels, creams and candles. It is used in the products due to the health benefits that come with it. Below are some of the health benefits of cannabis oil and cannabis oil concentrate.
  1. Treat asthma

One health benefit of cannabis is oil treating asthma. According to various studies, the oil can be very effective treatment of asthma because it has anti-inflammatory ability. Although there is a little evidence concerning the use of the oil for asthma patients, it has been in use in India and Chinese systems for many years.
  1. Help to reduce stress and anxiety

People who struggle with anxiety and stress can benefit from cannabis oil. It has been proved that cannabis oil can help relax a troubled mind and help to stimulate the reproduction of pleasure hormones. Hence, it is worth trying the oil if you have anxiety problems.
  1. Can help with appetite and obesity

Even though cannabis is known to stimulate appetite, it can be used to overcome obesity. When you use the oil, some hormones that are responsible for hunger defeat can be encouraged. Hence, it is a good one for someone who wants to lose weight.
  1. Pain relief

Many people know that cannabis can be used to reduce the pain. There is some evidence that shows that cannabis oil is beneficial in pain relief. It has some strong elements that can be help to get rid of chronic or acute pain.
  1. Skin protection

Another health benefit of cannabis oil is protecting the skin. Whether you have problems with your skin or you want to improve the skin, you can use the oil. Cannabis oil helps to encourage the production of lipids that help to fight skin conditions such as acne.
  1. Improve heart health

According to numerous studies on animals, there has been a proof that cannabis oil can be used to improve heart health. Based on the findings, the oil can prevent many heart diseases that include strokes, heart attack, and many others.  
  1. Enhance eye health

There are some evidences that you can use cannabis oil to treat various eye conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. However, the evidence is not enough to support the claim. Happily, more tests are being carried out.
  1. Good for the hair

Even though it might sound odd, cannabis oil is right for your hair. You can apply the oil on your hair to stimulate growth, nourish the scalp, strength your hair or as a shampoo or a conditioner. These are just a few of the health benefits of cannabis oil. However, before you use the oil, it is essential to consult your physician to ensure you are safe.


A lawn mower is a machine that uses rotor blades connected mechanically to an engine to cut grass into a certain desired pattern or shape. The mechanical attachment is in such a way that the blades have a pivot point and rotate in a circular motion. This also creates a force that blows pieces of cut grass to the back of the mower where a collecting bin is hitched. To understand the best type of mowers for hills, , one needs to understand the best types available in the market. You can check out the suitable and the best riding lawn mowers for hills here before you go through the article. Types of mowers; Lawn mowers are classified into various categories using two main features. This includes but not limited to, By rotation; This is a classification by which means a lawn mower  uses to turns its blades.  
  • Reel mowers which are also referred to as cylinder mowers. It features a fixed horizontal helix shaped blade with a fast spinning frame inside a cylinder. The number of blade differs with the use preferences and the manufacturer.
  • Rotary based mowers are the second category in this class. The axis on which it rotates is vertical and mostly relies on impact to cut. This means that the blades have to spin at a very high speed to achieve the preferred smoothness and efficiency.
  Both types in this category may be powered by either a gasoline powered engine or an electric motor. By energy source; The second classification is by which each system draws its energy from. There are three categories in this class.  
  • Manual propelled mowers.

This is a case where by a mower is pushed by hands and as the wheels roll on the ground, the wheel axel is connected to a system of mechanical gears which systematically turn a gear mounted on the blades axel. It is by far the most economical and the most environmental  friendly lawn mower in the market.  
  • Petrol or gasoline propelled mowers.

This category is rather extensive since it also includes push mowers, mechanical operated and also seat-on variants. A four stroke internal combustion engine is the most preferred driving force in this kind of machinery. The engines horsepower delivery is mostly gauged by the particular type and task. The starter can be electric powered by a small 12 volt battery with most of them having an extra pull crank which is manual. When the engine is fired up, the crank shaft is connected to a series of gears which in turns run the blade at a high speed inside a secure cylinder under the mower. The maintenance of this machine is rather higher than that of a manually operated mower. However, this particular category is most preferable for hills since its mobility is not limited to where there is electricity only and also pushing up on a hill would be too tasking and one might need extra laborers.
  • Electric motor powered

  Electric powered mowers are best suitable for a domestic setting. They are also environmental friendly since no emissions are produced during its operation.  This category can be corded or cordless. Cordless mowers are powered by a rechargeable battery. The power is used to power a motor connected to rotor blades under the carriage. In conclusion, the best mowers to use in hills can be said to be either electric powered or gasoline powered depending on the gradient of the hills in question. Gasoline powered lawn mowers are most preferred for higher gradients since they transmit enough power to cut and move around easily.
How to efficiently manage warehouse

How to efficiently manage warehouse

Introduction Organizing your warehouse goes a long way in increasing the efficiency. From reception to storage to shipping, the flow and layout of a warehouse greatly determine how effectual it operates. There are a lot of aspects that comes into play like industrial picking carts while managing a ware house . So, while running a warehouse efficiently, safely and productively is a multifaceted task, below are the strategies you can adapt to ensure you optimize operation. How to efficiently manage warehouse Create a budget A warehouse is a business like any other and as such you need to set and stick to a budget. This way, you will have a clear roadmap on how to run the godown and safely attain your objective. Some of the monthly costs you should put into considerations include labor, utilities, security personnel, equipment rental, and insurance. Once you create a budget for the recurrent costs, next, monitor our expenditure with the aim of ensuring you always remain the guidelines. The budget forces you to be more disciplined, leading to money-wise accountable business decisions. Utilize optimally every available space Instead of expanding the area covered by the warehouse, consider using more prudently the vertical space. Introduce taller storage units and appropriate equipment to store and pick materials to store more per square footage. Additionally, relook into the variety and type of shelving in your warehouse. Keeping small products on pallet racks unnecessarily consumes a lot of space, besides increasing possibility of misplacing items. Avoid using the same racks throughout your store and instead, use different types of shelving for various items. Use supporting technology Examples of the trending technologies are WMS (Warehouse Management System) and ERP systems featuring a strong WMS module. These latest techniques greatly enhance efficacy by recommending the best approaches and routes for putting away or picking. The system additionally provides computerized pick lists that are compatible with mobile devices and hence significantly eradicates errors and minimize wasted paper and time. Adopting the technology, therefore, makes your warehouse neater and greener. Moreover, barcodes and RFID readers increase the accuracy of transactions. Simplify Reception of inventory Making receiving the inventory effectively easy sets the stage for the subsequent processes of the inventory process. So, how can you enhance inventory receiving? By optimizing the receiving space, keeping it clean and organized and tracking inventory in real-time. Have in place all the right tools and adequate space to enable your workers to properly sort and keep incoming inventory. Remove clutter and put away every tool that is not in use. Implement the tried and tested the perpetual inventory system to minimize miscounts, missing inventory erroneous shipments. Conclusion Increasing warehouse efficiency should be a continuous process. So, besides setting objectives and strategizing how to attain improvement, aim to continually enhance your warehouse organization. Reviewing your strategies and change those that no longer work and introducing new and more effective ones. Regularly verify that the available space is being maximally utilized. Formalize a policy of checking all systems and organizations from time to time and you will be able to quickly identify and correct problems that can harm your warehouse in the long run.

Gardening and Landscaping Tips for Beginners

Gardening and Landscaping Tips for Beginners

The internet is filled with lots of gardening and landscaping ideas but the problem is that most of the ideas are not for the beginners and the ones that are designed for the beginners are unable to explain everything properly. Therefore, most of the people lose hope right in the beginning of their journey and they stop following their passion. If you are passionate about gardening and landscaping, then you deserve to get the perfect knowledge that may lead you to a professional world. There are many expert gardeners that are focused on sharing some helpful videos for the beginners. In my opinion, the videos can better explain the situation as compared to the text. Therefore, I always recommend watching videos when it comes to learning gardening and landscaping from the internet. You may take a visit to AuthorityAdviser YouTube channel and find amazing gardening and landscaping tips to continue your journey in this amazing world. However, it doesn’t mean that the written tips are not important at all. The articles can also help enhance your knowledge about gardening and landscaping. Therefore, we have brought some gardening and landscaping tips for you that will help grow up your garden in a perfect way. Here are some important gardening and landscaping tips for the beginners. Start small The first thing you must follow when starting your journey in the gardening world is to start doing some small tasks. Thus, you’d learn the nature of different elements and you’d move to the success gradually. Don’t forget to take photographs of a plant as it grows with the passage of time. And also take some notes about the behavior of the plants in different circumstances. Reading about plants Whenever you’re going to grow a plant from a different species, you need to learn several important things about how it behaves in different situations. Thus, you’d be able to grow your plants successfully because there are some plants that need some special treatment in different circumstances. Therefore, you should read complete information about the nature of a plant so that you may protect it from the negative effects of the weather. Soil preparation The soil preparation is also an important thing that you must learn from you start gardening and landscaping. The soil plays an important role in growing up the plants. So, if the soil is not properly prepared, your plants won’t grow according to your expectations. And sometimes, the plants won’t even appear on the ground if you have planted the seeds in the dead soil. It takes a few simple steps to learn how to prepare the soil for planting your plants successfully. Click Here and find some other gardening tips for beginners.

How to Design Your Back Yard if You Have Multiple Dogs?

How to Design Your Back Yard if You Have Multiple Dogs?

Having multiple dogs is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a very good initiative and it should be highly appreciated. But if you are unable to provide a comfortable environment to the multiple dogs, then people would suggest that you should not keep multiple dogs. So, before the people start talking about your setup, you should try to arrange the things in a way that they do not get any chance to speak about your management. The proper management is not only important for protecting yourself from these comments but it may also provide a great environment to the dogs. The dogs would feel very happy when you’d provide them with a comfortable and convenient environment. The backyard is the part of the home where dogs spend a lot of time. So, you should design your home’s backyard according to the needs of the dogs. Depending on the number of dogs you have in your home, the ideas may differ. But we have chosen some ideas that can be suitable for every situation. Here is the information about how you can design your backyard if you have multiple dogs. Shelter Make sure that you make a specific shelter for the dogs where they may sit during the rain. Otherwise, they’d be making a lot of mess outside the home and they may even become very angry if the weather is getting worse. So, the shelter can make them feel secure during the rain and they won’t feel bad at all. This is only important when you are not at home otherwise, you should bring them inside the home during heavy rains. Water fountain The water fountain is the best source of entertainment for the dogs. They love playing around the fountain and they feel very happy when they see water coming out of the fountain. There are many stylish fountains available for your home’s backyard. All you need to do is to choose the one that can accommodate the needs of your dogs. Sometimes, the dogs may drink the water from the fountain when they are feeling thirsty. Dog playpen The dog playpen is also very important when you have multiple dogs at your home. You can place this playpen in the backyard so that it may provide safety to the dogs. The playpen can be chosen according to the number of dogs you have in your home. We recommend purchasing the best dog exercise pen so that your dogs may stay active and healthy while playing with it. Playing objects There are several playing objects that can be placed in the backyard so that the dogs may feel happy. These playing objects are designed for the dogs only. So, you can choose the perfect objects according to the nature of your dog. Click Here and find more information about designing your backyard if you have multiple dogs.


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