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1. Orchids need air movement.  Put them in a place where you walk past them, have a ceiling fan or even a tiny desk fan, etc. – not in a corner.  Do not put an orchid plant in a ceramic container for more than a day or two. Re-pot most orchids each 1-2 years since potting mix collapses & does not allow air to move around roots.
2. Orchids like bright but indirect light.  An east, south, or west window is best.  Do not put too close to glass. Fluorescent and/or halogen lights can be used in place of or in addition to sunlight.

3. Orchids like humidity but cannot sit in water.  Fill a shallow tray or dish with rocks to the top and keep it  nearly full with water.  Set the pots on top of the rocks above the water to give them the humidity they need.  A cold water humidifier can be used to help both plants and humans.  Water your plants as directed.
4. Water plants thoroughly and allow them to drain.  Every few months it helps to water each pot several minutes to keep city water salts from building up in the pots.  Any plant fertilizer is ok, but use it at ½ recommended strength once or twice a month since orchids are light feeders.
5.  Most orchids need to be re-potted every one to two years.