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If you are enthusiastic about having real flowers around the house and do not know what flowers are better for indoors, we have a list of best indoor flowering plants that can have their bright, colorful bloom. Many people have this perception that any flowering plants can be kept indoors. But that is not the truth. For example, there are zone 4 perennials which are outdoor plants and will not suit indoors and will die within a few days.



Begonia is generally considered an outdoor plant but it is as much effect if grown indoors. Begonia is best for people who are starting out as flowering as their hobby as it is easy to grow. Due to which it is among the best and the most popular indoor flowering plant.



Bromeliads are a colorful and a long lasting flower which can beautify your indoor space. They thrive even with little to no cares is best to grow them in low light conditions.

African Violet

African Violet is an easy to grow flowering plant and does not take up much space. They require warmer climates to flourish. It is better if you keep them in a spot where there is constant sunlight.

Scented Geranium

Scented Geranium is a bright, colorful flower which are incredibly beautiful. Growing geranium indoors requires a lot of care compared to other flowering plants. It requires a window which gives the plant an ample amount of sun and a moderate amount of watering.


Poinsettia adds a bright, colorful touch to your interiors. It is a tropical plant that requires light and warmth. It is one of the most beautiful flowering plants that does not require much attention to thrive indoors.

Peace lily

If you are looking for low care flowering houseplant, a peace lily os the best. Peace lily can survive without water for days and does need much caring. Its beautiful white bracts can thrive even in low lighting. Also, it benefits the air by removing the toxin from your home.

Lipstick plant

Lipstick plant is not only common but also a great indoor plant. Lipstick plant requires humidity and warmth to grow and thrive. Even though it requires a considerable amount of care. It is still popular among beginners.


It is rare to see a Jasmine plant indoor as it is generally seen grown outside. But with the wide selection of jasmine variety, you can find your own indoor jasmine according to the region you live in. As some jasmine species require warmth to grow and some require cooler climates.



Growing impatiens require a lot of maintenance, set room temperature is required to ensure that the plant is grown all year round. These plants need indirect sunlight to thrive and especially when the morning sunlight is provided.

Flowering Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe needs to be grown indoors and comes in many different colors and also requires low watering needs. It is better to keep in near a window where it can receive the sunlight as much as possible to bloom.