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The Tools Every Handyman Should Have at Home

To be able to work efficiently, every craftsman needs proper tools, whether it’s for screwing, building, for the garden or repairs to the house and in the household. It is essential to have a basic set of tools, with which is possible to do most of the tasks.

But how to know which tools should you buy? Take these two considerations into account. Firstly, there are home improvement workers who like to build the house, and they need a specific tool for that type of work. These are very different than the ones that make the interior of the house. However, both require some essential equipment, which is about the same for all craftsmen. The dedicated handyman is given the selection to choose the right tool case or the appropriate toolbox.

This should provide enough space to accommodate the most common tools and to be as stable as possible. However, finding the right set of tools is not as easy as it might sound. Here are some primary considerations about the tools every handyman should have at home. For more information, check out Handy Tools Home site.

    1. The first tool that finds its way into the toolbox for the active handyman is a hammer or mallet hammer weighing 400 – 500 grams. The handle should be wooden and not metal. However, if you often work on the roof or with rough wood executed, we recommend a carpenter hammer with tubular steel handle. The advantage of this type of ram is that nails can be placed in a special compartment, facilitating the impacting in wooden boards. Also, these carpentry hammers have a nail lifter, which promotes the removal of old nails. Due to the steel design, such a stick is also suitable for transfer work (i.e. for purlins).

    2. The next should be one or more plies. Typically, a combination pliers with insulated handles is the first choice. With such a pair of pliers, you can pinch thinner wires and hold smaller parts or screw heads. A water pump pliers must not be missed because with this pliers screw can be solved energy-saving and tightened again. Depending on the orientation and skill of the craftsman, pipe, grip and other special pliers are added, which is not necessary for regular household work. Depending on the size and planting, special garden tongs and scissors may be useful for gardeners, but this must be decided by the do-it-yourselfer, especially since the capacity of a standard tool case is quickly exhausted.handy tools home 

      3. Third, screwdrivers come into the toolbox. The ideals are three flat-head screwdrivers and three Phillips screwdrivers in different sizes. Also, there is a voltage tester for 220 volts, and that completes the essential equipment of screwdrivers for garden and household.

    3. A particular problem is the selection of a suitable saw. The offer is excellent and every saw has its strengths and weaknesses. For the household and most garden work, a hand-held saw with various blades is suitable for wood, plastic and metal. The optimum length of the saw blade is 300mm so that almost all materials can be cut well.

Rarely used, but still indispensable for home improvement is a smaller hand drill with adjustable impact mechanism. The cordless screwdriver does not have to be particularly compelling because it is rarely used. It is essential that it fits well in the toolbox, has an automatic chuck and can accommodate drills up to a diameter of 10mm. Y

    ou want a reliable drill. A total of twelve pieces in the diameters 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm are sufficient, for metal, wood and stone each. It makes sense to have matching bits to make the screwing more comfortable if, for example, a cabinet needs to be mounted and this is the number of screws that must be screwed. Very useful is also the purchase of two wire brushes for the machine, with the rough impurities can be eliminated quickly. Not to forget are matching dowels and a small assortment of matching screws and hooks that complement the stock of tools used.

  1. The choice goes on to common key files and two small or medium-sized flat files, each with a fine and coarse stroke. If work on pipelines is expected, half round files would be the better choice instead of the flat files. By rounding you can file off the burr, which results from the process of sawing, better.

  2. For the processing of the wood, the basic equipment is still attached chisels. Again, a small and a medium chipping usually sufficient. These chisels can be used not only for woodworking but also to process plastic or other soft materials. Immediately after the chisels come two stone chisels, also in small and medium version. Again and again, a bit of a stone or a river must be separated, which the home improvement should now be possible thanks to these little helpers.

  3. handy tools homeA useful helper is also a small crowbar. This should also be added so that you always have a stable lever for numerous concerns at hand.

  4. It is sometimes necessary to have an open-end wrench and a ring spanner of the same size. Even if combination keys, one side of which is an open-end wrench and the other side a ring spanner, are often taken, two keys should nevertheless be present in every standard size. The craftsman with foresight puts an assortment of Allen keys. These are recommended in the best execution with a spherical head on the long side.

  5. For small repairs in masonry, you need a mixing bowl made of elastic material and a spatula of medium size. Finally, the toolbox is supplemented with suitable work gloves, protective goggles and a standard folding rule of 2m length as well as a steel measure of approx. 30cm diameter. Also, a small spirit level may not be missing, so you can put this in the assembly of cabinets and shelves this in the right lot.
    Even at this point, the first basic equipment is complete with tools for your own household or your own garden. The tool case or the toolbox can still be worn well and is comparable to a first-aid kit for home and farm. Finally, there are some tips for the dedicated DIY enthusiast to expand his home office. For some works, you need a stable base. Of course, a workbench is ideal, but not everyone has space. There are also foldable workbenches, which can be stored well after use. Some even have an integrated clamping device for smaller materials such. B. battens or other wood blanks. Sometimes a small vice can be mounted on the worktop, which greatly simplifies many tasks. If such a vice is to be purchased, then make sure that it is not too small and has a small anvil on the top. Valuable is also a drill press. With this exact drill holes can be performed, which significantly enhances the result of some home improvement. The purchase of a compressor should also be considered.

    On the one hand, it is very helpful if compressed air is available for cleaning, blowing out or inflating tires. And second, the home workshop can be upgraded later by buying a paint spray gun again. In addition, for the craftsmen who build themselves, things such as circular saws, concrete mixers, tools for laying tiles and other things are needed. But for home improvement enthusiasts who only need a good basic equipment for occasional repairs and repairs, our listing already provides a good orientation. After purchasing the mentioned tools and equipment, the craftsman can confidently look forward to future repairs.